ASIC manufacturer Canaan intends to release an IPO

Canaan is one of the most famous manufacturers of bitcoin mining ASICs, second only to the giant Bitmain. In the same way as Bitmain, the company would like to launch its own IPO in order to increase the capital available to the company. It seems that Canaan has already requested and completed all the necessary

Canaan is among one of the most renowned makers of bitcoin mining ASIC s, 2nd just to the large Bitmain. Similarly as Bitmain, the business wants to introduce its very own IPO in order to raise the resources offered to the business

It appears that Canaan has actually currently asked for and also finished all the needed treatments to lug out the IPO in the USA, also though no public statement has actually been made. According to some rumours from Chinese resources extremely near the business, the ASIC manufacturer prepares to increase $200 million via the general public IPO

After Bitmain additionally Canaan tries an IPO

In January 2019, a record released by Bloomberg suggested that Canaan was preparing to accomplish an IPO throughout the year in New York. Certainly, this was initial details, because at the time the firm had actually only simply started to launch all the needed treatments

Similar to Bitmain‘s effort, in March 2018 Canaan had actually currently attempted to release an IPO in Hong Kong to increase a billion bucks. This IPO was never ever lugged out, considering that 6 months later on, extra exactly in November 2018, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange decreased the IPO demand made by Canaan

In some means, the tale is extremely evocative what occurred to Bitmain The firm likewise made an ask for an IPO with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in September 2018, yet the proposition was denied in March 2019, which is why the firm chose to count on the USA to release a brand-new IPO in the future.

Over the years, Canaan has actually arrived for its Avalon Miner collection of bitcoin ASICs, which are qualified by excellent efficiency at affordable rates, however most importantly by a top quality of building and construction that is taken into consideration by numerous to be much above the items of the a lot more popular Bitmai n.

If every little thing works out, the firm needs to release its IPO via the brand-new Science and also Technology (Sci-Tech) Innovation Board in cooperation with the Shanghai Stock Exchange, which consequently is a companion of the New York Stock Exchange and also NASDAQ.

All that stays, as a result, is to await a main interaction from the firm



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