introduces the HashRace promo has announced the launch of HashRace, a new promotion aimed at miners. The campaign is divided into two 90-day phases, for a total of 180 days, and was launched yesterday.  The goal is to give participants the opportunity to maximise mining profitability before the Bitcoin halving, scheduled for late spring next year. This promotion has actually revealed the launch of HashRace, a brand-new promo targeted at miners.

The project is split right into 2 90- day stages, for an overall of 180 days, as well as was introduced the other day.

The objective is to provide individuals the possibility to increase mining productivity prior to the Bitcoin halving, arranged for late springtime following year.

This promo will certainly award miners that give their hashrate from the mining swimming pool. Each miner that adds a minimum of 500 TH/s will certainly obtain a reward in the kind of a complimentary hashrate, according to the payment they supply throughout the promo.

During the very first preliminary build-up stage, which lasts 90 days, the individuals in the promo will certainly offer their hashrate to the mining swimming pool, as well as will certainly hence gather the benefit according for hashrate offered.

This stage, began the other day, will certainly upright January 19 th, 2020, the day on which the allowance of perks will certainly quit. Every 30 days, 7.5 TH/s will certainly be paid for every single 500 TH/s that customers will certainly route to the mining swimming pool.

Starting from January 20 th, the 2nd 90- day stage will certainly start, upright April 18 th, throughout which individuals will certainly have the ability to remain to obtain their reward while keeping an everyday payment of greater than 50% of their typical hashrate given throughout the very first stage.

On the HashRace site, has actually likewise released the upgraded real-time position of the very first 10 individuals in the hashrate promo. As a motivation for individuals to enter this top 10, an extra benefit of 10 TH/s for every single 500 TH/s will certainly be granted to those that handle to put themselves in the top 10 of this position.



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