Bitcoin mining with the Commodore 64 is not viable

A few days ago it was shown how to do bitcoin mining with a Commodore 64. In fact, the software that allows mining BTC is actually quite simple, to the point that it can even run on an old Commodore 64 from the 1980s, with a SuperCPU of only 0.02 GHz.  However, the fact that

A couple of days ago it was demonstrated how to do bitcoin mining with a Commodore 64

In truth, the software application that enables mining BTC is really fairly basic, to the factor that it can also operate on an old Commodore 64 from the 1980 s, with a SuperCPU of just 0.02 GHz.

However, the truth that it is feasible to run that software program does never indicate that a person can really extract bitcoin beneficially.

That is, definitely with such reduced computer power it is past the world of opportunity to confirm a block by yourself, so the only remedy would certainly be to swimming pool with various other miners.

However, within a mining swimming pool the income is separated symmetrical to the computer power readily available to the swimming pool, so by giving such a reduced computer power would certainly lead to profits so reduced regarding be minimal.

Furthermore, the software application utilized to extract bitcoin takes in a great deal of electrical energy, so the small earnings would certainly not also from another location cover the expenses of mining.

Billions of years to mine bitcoin with the Commodore 64

Someone has actually done the mathematics

As points stand, to reasonably obtain 1 entire bitcoin by mining with a Commodore 64, it would certainly take 50 billion years, as well as expense over a million billion bucks.

The profits would certainly deserve regarding $55,000, so it would certainly be a big loss-making task.

Incidentally, 50 billion years suggests regarding 18 million billion days, as well as separating 1 BTC by this number indicates that every day’s profits would certainly have to do with 5 billionths of a Satoshi. One Satoshi consequently is one hundred millionth of a bitcoin.

So to money in a solitary Satoshi it would certainly still take 500,000 years, and also its worth would certainly have to do with half a thousandth of a buck.

Therefore mining bitcoin with a Commodore 64 is plainly not viable, unless you have cash to discard. Purchasing BTC on any type of exchange would certainly be widely less costly.



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