RavenCoin vs ASIC and also FPGA: brand-new PoW in October

In recent months, in particular between April and May 2019, the RavenCoin network has undergone substantial growth in its hashrate, partly as a result of the use of FPGAs for the mining of the currency. For this very reason, the development team has started to work towards finding a solution to temporarily eliminate FPGAs and

In current months, specifically in between April and also May 2019, the RavenCoin network has actually undertaken significant development in its hashrate, partially as an outcome of making use of FPGAs for the mining of the money For this really factor, the advancement group has actually begun to function in the direction of discovering an option to briefly get rid of FPGAs as well as ASICs A little bit like what’s occurring with Monero, which has actually created the brand-new PoW RandomX

RavenCoin (RVN) is an instead popular money amongst cryptocurrency miners, particularly amongst GPU miners, considering that it is a coin that can just be extracted– in theory– with graphics cards, provided the certain anti-ASIC PoW.

Not just that, the reality of being a cryptocurrency birthed from a neighborhood of designers, hence without ICO, IEO and so forth, has actually made it fairly well-known (rather comparable to Grin), many thanks likewise to the abrupt development of the task throughout 2019, which led RavenCoin to be detailed on the major exchanges, consisting of Binance itself

New PoW X16 Rv2 from October 1st on RVN

To respond to ASICs as well as FPGAs, the designers lately introduced that the Proof of Work embraced by RavenCoin (RVN), the X16 R mining formula, will certainly be changed, presenting brand-new hashing features that will certainly cause the birth of a brand-new PoW, which will certainly be, a minimum of originally, unsusceptible to ASICs as well as FPGAs

X16 Rv2, which is the name of the PoW, will certainly present the Tiger feature in 3 various components of the existing X16 R formula. The Tiger hashing feature, as a matter of fact, will certainly be performed prior to the Luffa512, Keccak512, and also SHA512 formulas, currently existing as well as made use of by the existing PoW

In this method, any kind of ASICs and also FPGAs established for RavenCoin will certainly need to execute a feature for which they have actually not been set, as well as will, consequently, be omitted from the network because they are incapable to perform this feature.

As pointed out at first, this is a short-lived remedy, which need to give a sigh of alleviation for numerous months to the GPU miners of the coin As the area aims out, it will certainly still be needed to function on a totally brand-new PoW to be applied as quickly as feasible in the procedure, so as to get rid of specialist equipment for a lengthy duration of time.

The PoW X16 Rv2 will certainly be carried out in the RavenCoin 2.5.0 launch as well as is anticipated to make its launching on the money network on October 1st, 2019 Similar to all the upgrades as well as forks of the major cryptocurrencies, in this situation too, the miners as well as the node/wallet supervisors will certainly need to upgrade the software application to the variations able to sustain the brand-new attributes as well as renovations presented in the brand-new launch of the procedure.



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