The Le Iene record “Inside the Bitcoin mines”.

In March 2018, the famous Italian TV programme, Le Iene, broadcast a report entitled “Inside the Bitcoin mines“.  In the service, which lasted about 13 minutes, Matteo Viviani showed a bitcoin mining farm in Bulgaria run by an Italian guy.  The electricity in Bulgaria is cheaper than in Italy, so moving to that country to

In March 2018, the renowned Italian television program, Le Iene, transmitted a record qualified “ Inside the Bitcoin mines“.

In the solution, which lasted around 13 mins, Matteo Viviani revealed a bitcoin mining ranch in Bulgaria run by an Italian individual.

The electrical power in Bulgaria is more affordable than in Italy, so relocating to that nation to open up a mining ranch is a definitely sensible concept.

Moreover, at the time the general hashrate of the Bitcoin network was 7 times less than it is today, so there was a lot less competitors than currently.

However, it is likewise real that the worth of 1 BTC was around $9,000, or one-fifth of what it is currently, which indicates that the hashrate was proportionally a lot reduced.

It suffices to think about that contrasted to the existing productivity of bitcoin mining of around $0.36 per THash/s daily, at the time the success was greater than double, at around $0.8.

In enhancement, the plant revealed by Le Iene was an expert plant, with around 500 makers, for that reason with the possible to be really successful, at the very least theoretically.

The proprietor of the ranch, Gianluca Mazza, informed Matteo Viviani that he invested concerning 7 thousand euros a month on power, whereas in Italy he would certainly have invested 3 times that quantity.

Since after that, nevertheless, several points have actually altered.

” Inside the Bitcoin mines”, exactly how has actually mining altered

In reality, the cost of bitcoin throughout 2018 dropped, to near $3,000 in December. This essentially triggered the productivity of bitcoin mining to plunge, dropping to around $0.15 each day per THash/s simply in December. Simply put, throughout the year it dropped by a variable of 5.

However, the development of the hashrate likewise decreased, therefore by mid-2019, when the rate of bitcoin returned over $10,000, the success was back over $0.30

It after that dropped once again, to a reduced height of around $0.06 in the 2nd fifty percent of 2020, generally as a result of a considerable rise in hashrate, however many thanks to the cost bull run of current months it is back around $0.30

It is not recognized what occurred to Mazza’s plant, although in June of that year he informed Cryptonomist that he was dealing with a 2nd ranch

The Twitter account of his 0301 Mining Farm has actually been down given that mid-2019 as well as the internet site is not energetic.



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