the most effective motherboards for numerous video clip cards

When building a mining rig, it is necessary to choose a suitable motherboard to support the preset number of video cards. This article will highlight some of the best motherboards to use for mining rigs using multiple video cards. Over the past few years, several manufacturers have announced different mining solutions. There are several options

When constructing a mining gear, it is needed to pick an appropriate motherboard to sustain the pre-programmed variety of video clip cards. This short article will certainly highlight several of the very best motherboards to make use of for mining gears making use of several video clip cards

Over the previous couple of years, a number of producers have actually revealed various mining remedies There are numerous alternatives, some consist of 6 GPUs, others approximately 8, thirteen as well as also twenty Furthermore, some services are focused on Intel CPUs for the LGA1151 outlet, others for the more recent AMD Ryzen, so with AM4 outlet

There are likewise some completely incorporated remedies on the marketplace, currently furnished with a cpu (bonded as well as not changeable) as well as others with RAM and also SSD disk consisted of in the package An additional crucial variable is the visibility of common PCIe ports (X16) for straight link of the video clip card to the motherboard, or X1 ports, to be made use of by means of risers, or also USB 3.0 ports, for straight link with risers.

Finally, relying on the kind of link port with the video clip card on the different motherboards there are likewise various power adapters, needed to power the video clip cards.

Mining gear: the very best motherboards for multi-video card systems

ASUS B250 Mining Expert: Up to 19 GPUs at an inexpensive cost


The ASUS B250 Mining Expert was among the initial motherboards introduced by ASUS as well as planned totally for mining. Outfitted with the LGA1151 outlet for Intel’s 6th and also seventh-generation cpus, this card can sustain as much as 19 video clip cards, utilizing 18 PCIe x1 ports and also one PCIe x16 port.

Power is offered by 3 24- pin ports, furnished with 3 added 4-pin Molex adapters Certainly, it is needed to purchase extra risers for the link of the video clip cards, offered the thickness of the ports and also the style.

All this at a relatively affordable price, considering it is concerning 70-80 bucks


  • Supports as much as 19 GPUs;-LRB-
  • Cheap;-LRB-
  • Three 24- pin power supply adapters.


  • 4-pin Molex accessory adapters;-LRB-
  • Supports just 6th and also 7th gen of intel CPUs;-LRB-
  • Risers called for.

Asrock H110 Pro BTC+: the option to Asus


Asrock uses the H110 Pro BTC+, a motherboard made completely for mining. Furnished with the LGA1151 outlet for Intel’s 6th as well as seventh-generation cpus, this card can sustain as much as 13 video clip cards, making use of 12 x1 PCIe ports as well as one x16 PCIe port. Clearly, it is required to get risers to set up all the cards.

There is a 24- pin port on the power front, furnished with 2 extra 4-pin Molex ports Regardless of the variety of ports, the style is that of a timeless ATX card. The cost is rather reduced, totaling up to concerning 70 bucks



  • 4-pin Molex accessory ports;-LRB-
  • Supports just 6th and also 7th gen of intel CPUs;-LRB-
  • Risers called for

ASUS H370 Mining Master: USB 3.0 ports for setting up 20 GPUs


The H370 Mining Master is a motherboard for miners that intend to develop a mining gear that can sustain approximately 20 GPUs The H370 Mining Master is the deserving follower to the B250 Mining Expert motherboard.

The capacity to attach such a big quantity of GPUs is enabled by the intro of USB ports as opposed to the traditional PCIe x1 This removes the requirement to acquire PCIe x1 to USB 3.0 converters, as they are currently incorporated right into the motherboard.

Another vital uniqueness is the chipset, no more the old B250, planned for the 6th and also 7th generation of Intel Core CPUs, however the H370, which is needed to mount the brand-new 8th and also 9th generation Intel Core Coffee Lake cpus

The H370 Mining Master additionally consists of a variety of analysis attributes developed to make the system much easier to handle. The disadvantage? The high cost, in between 160 as well as 190 bucks, as well as the limited schedule


  • Supports approximately 20 GPUs;-LRB-
  • USB 3.0 ports for attaching GPUs;-LRB-
  • Power as well as Reset switch aboard;-LRB-
  • Three 24 PIN power ports.


  • High rate and also reduced accessibility.

ASRock X370 Pro BTC+: for those utilizing AMD Ryzen as a CPU


It’s a mining motherboard that sustains 8 on-board GPUs, yet most notably the cpus of the AMD Ryzen array

The ASRock X370 Pro BTC+ includes the old chipset of the Ryzen array for AMD cpus, the X370 The reality that it is not amongst one of the most current is not an issue, because, after upgrading the BIOS, it is feasible to mount both the initial as well as the 2nd generation of Ryzen cpus on the AMD AM4 system, along with future launches.

As such, the motherboard outlet is AM4. In the CPU listing, along with the very first as well as second-generation Ryzen, there are additionally the old Bristol Ridge APUs, although miners will certainly probably have an interest in the Athlon 200 GE, Dual-Core Ryzen CPU readily available at regarding 35 euros. Really, it could be fascinating to benefit from this option to utilize an AMD Ryzen octa-core in the mining on CryptoNight Lite, offered the great efficiency with appropriate power usage.

The card flaunts 8 PCIe 3.0 ports. Beside them, there are 7 USB 3.0 ports linked to the PCIe x1 ports to be straight linked to the video clip cards. Naturally, the variety of PCIe ports that can be utilized depends upon the cpu set up An overall of 12-13 video clip cards can be mounted

The cost has to do with 160 bucks yet is offered just and also solely on Asian stores, and also it is currently extremely challenging to discover


  • 8 PCIe ports in X16 layout;-LRB-
  • 6 USB 3.0 ports for extra PCIe ports;-LRB-
  • Socket AM4;-LRB-
  • 3 x 24- pin power supply ports.


  • Auxiliary power Molex adapters;-LRB-
  • Non-standard style;-LRB-
  • Hard to locate;-LRB-
  • Single-channel RAM.

Gigabyte H110- D3A Express: for those with 6 GPUs as well as a limited spending plan


Gigabyte supplies an extremely low-cost option for those that have just 6 video clip cards to set up and also wish to invest as low as feasible for the building and construction of the mining gear. The Gigabyte H110- D3A Express is a motherboard geared up with the LGA1151 Socket for Intel’s 6th as well as seventh-generation CPUs, provided the H110 chipset

Given the truly affordable, concerning 50-60 bucks, the attributes are marginal, yet there is every little thing required to establish a 6-card gear

It includes a timeless x16 PCIe port and also 5 x1 PCIe ports Undoubtedly, it is essential to utilize risers to accessibility all adapters. Unfortunately, for the supporting power supply, it is essential to rely upon the timeless Molex with 4 added PINs. An appropriate concession for the rate



  • Molex 4 PIN ports;-LRB-
  • Risers called for.

TB350- BTC Biostar: for Ryzen and also 6 affordable GPUs


Biostar supplies numerous services, consisting of the Biostar TB350- BTC, meant for those that intend to mount as much as 6 video clip cards on a solitary mining gear with AMD Ryzen CPU It is probably the only choice to the Asrock version, also if the style as well as attributes are various. Undoubtedly, the price is a lot reduced.

On this card, as a matter of fact, along with the AM4 Socket and also a B350 chipset, there is additionally a timeless x16 PCIe port and also 5 x1 PCIe ports It is essential to utilize risers to accessibility all adapters. In this situation too, 2 timeless Molex designs with added 4 PINs can be utilized for the complementary power supply T he rate, which is simply over 90 bucks, is modest


  • Supports AMD Ryzen cpus;-LRB-


  • Molex 4 PIN adapters;-LRB-
  • Risers called for.

BTC IC6S: for 8 GPUs as well as with integrated CPU


One of one of the most unique as well as total remedies is the custom-made board BTC IC6S, created by a Chinese OEM. The motherboard provides 8 x16 PCIe ports, which do not call for making use of extra risers for linking video clip cards

Another crucial function is the visibility of a cpu incorporated in the design (BGA), consisting of a warm sink. This is a low-end service, an Intel Celeron 3855 U Skylake Dual-Core

To finish the setup it will certainly suffice to include a financial institution of RAM SODIMM and also an SSD disk or USB stick for storage space

It is very important to keep in mind that the supporting power for the PCIe ports is offered by the PCI-E ports of the power products, which are much more secure as well as extra sensible than the Molex ports. A note of value for the cost, amounting to 230 bucks, although the delivery prices as well as any type of custom-mades tax obligation should be included


  • Integrated CPU and also warm sink;-LRB-
  • 8 full PCIe ports;-LRB-
  • PCI-E ports for power supply;-LRB-
  • Acceptable rate.


  • Shipping from China;-LRB-
  • A reduced variety of ports.

RebTech Blockchain Motherboard: a small and also full all-in-one remedy


The RebTech Blockchain motherboard is a total remedy. It’s an extremely specific setup. It’s a full, portable motherboard that sustains as much as 8 GPUs for mining

This option, along with having a type variable normal of a video clip card, comes total with a cpu, RAM, SSD memory storage space as well as every little thing required to produce a mining gear.

Instead of the traditional 8 PCI-E x1 ports, it straight incorporates 8 USB 3.0 ports for link to video clip cards. The board has an extremely portable dimension, equivalent to 250 x 100 x 40 mm. Almost the like a video clip card with a dual-slot PCI-E as well as warm sink. It includes a dual-core AMD A6-8500 P cpu with incorporated GPU. All come with by 4GB of DDR3 RAM at 1600 MHz Air conditioning is conveniently taken care of by the incorporated warmth sink. In regards to storage space, there’s a 120 GB SSD mSata Compatibility with Windows 7, 8.1 as well as 10 has actually been validated, along with Linux in the different circulations. There is additionally an on/off button.

The cost is 199 bucks from the main shop


  • Compact kind element;-LRB-
  • USB 3.0 ports as opposed to PCIe ports;-LRB-
  • Complete with CPU, GPU as well as RAM;-LRB-
  • No risers called for;-LRB-
  • Good cost.




Another service comparable to the BTC IC6S is the CJ1900 A-BTC Plus YV20 It’s a motherboard containing 2 components, the initial is absolutely nothing greater than the heart of the system, as it integrates an Intel Bay Trail-D J1900 cpu, the port for RAM as well as a storage space drive

Also existing are the major interaction ports. The 2nd component of the system includes a card with 8 x16 PCIe ports, which do not call for using extra risers to attach the video clip cards

In this instance, to total the arrangement it will certainly suffice to include a financial institution of RAM SODIMM and also a disk for storage space

Auxiliary power for the PCIe ports is offered by the PCI-E ports on the power products, which are much more secure as well as extra functional than the timeless 4-pin Molex adapters. The cost is 190 bucks, although the delivery expenses as well as any kind of customizeds tax obligation have to be included


  • Integrated CPU and also warm sink;-LRB-
  • 8 total PCIe ports;-LRB-
  • PCI-E adapters for power supply.


  • Shipping from China;-LRB-
  • Price.



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