Nuovo document per l’hashrate di Ethereum

Over the past few days, the Ethereum hashrate hit a new all-time high, reaching a record high of 1.12 Phash/s for the first time. Ethereum mining sets new record for the hashrate According to daily data from, the new record would have been touched on Friday 13, so the daily average exceeded 1.12 Phash/s. 

Over the previous couple of days, the Ethereum hashrate struck a brand-new all-time high, getting to a document high of 1.12 Phash/s for the very first time.

Ethereum mining establishes brand-new document for the hashrate

According to day-to-day information from, the brand-new document would certainly have been discussed Friday 13, so the day-to-day standard surpassed 1.12 Phash/s.

According to per hour information from, the per hour optimal would certainly have been virtually 1.26 Phash/s

It deserves keeping in mind that Ethereum’s hashrate has actually been climbing given that 28 March, whereas up until 15 March it was essentially around 1 Phash/s.

In fact, besides reasonably brief durations of stagnancy, it has actually gotten on the increase because July 2021, i.e. because the mining restriction in China was raised with the opening of brand-new mining ranches in various other nations, and also the cost of ETH has actually been increasing once again after the accident in May in 2015.

In May 2021, a brand-new document high had actually been gotten to, at around 690 Thash/s, after that the collapse to 500 Thash/s at the end of June.

Thus last Friday’s brand-new document is 63% more than a year back, and also 125% more than at the end of June.

The interested point is that the present rate of ETH, at around $2,000, is substantially less than it remained in mid-May 2021, when it struck brand-new all-time highs at over $4,600

So in one year, the cost of ETH has greater than halved, while the hashrate has actually enhanced by 63%.

Even much more interested is the truth that at the end of June in 2014 the rate was virtually the like today, so ever since the cost of ETH has actually not boosted, while the hashrate has actually enhanced by 125%.

However, this glaring distinction is extremely quickly clarified by the reality that hashrate differs really gradually, while the cost differs really rapidly.

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Comparison of hashrate degrees and also ETH rate

For instance, contrasted to May 2020, the cost of ETH has actually enhanced by 900%, while hashrate by much less than 500%. Hence, the present development stage of Ethereum’s hashrate is the ending stage of the lengthy wave that started in late 2020 with the beginning of in 2015’s bull run.

In various other words, the hashrate in the in 2015 as well as a fifty percent has actually increased a lot less than the cost, and also is currently gradually attempting to recoup.

However, all this might appear unusual, considering that with the future shift to Proof-of-Stake, ETH will certainly no more be minable. This button ought to happen in the following quarter and also need to be adhered to by a modification to the Ethereum procedure. This upgrade will certainly make mining with Proof-of-Work no more rewarding, disincentivizing it entirely.

However, besides making use of these last couple of months of PoW to mine ETH as high as feasible, it is feasible that miners are wanting to make use of the exact same makers to extract various other PoW-based cryptocurrencies in the future.

Bitcoin normally calls for a lot more effective equipments, and also makes use of a various mining formula than Ethereum, however there are still smaller sized cryptocurrencies for which it will certainly be feasible in the future to make use of the devices presently alloted to extracting Ethereum

The document established on Friday 13, the week of among the most awful current collapses in the cost of ETH, appears to recommend that miners are never scared by this collapse. Rather, they rely on an intense future for owners of this cryptocurrency. Particularly because the existing productivity of ETH mining has actually dropped near to the lows of the previous 2 years



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